Melita Osojnik has been singing on the Slovene musical scene since the late 1970’s. Her records, cassettes, CDs and frequent concerts in Slovenia and Austria reflect a unique style of musical interpretation. Her work exceeds the usual attempts of most singers. She chooses the lyric texts from poetry herself, as well as selecting the composers and musicians she works with. In this way she assures the optimum critical basis on which to superimpose her vocal structure, in a refreshing cocktail between the classics and the avant-garde that fills even the most exacting musical ear with enthusiasm. To date, her excellent reviews and the faith of her admiring public prove that her music is recogniseably different to that which we are normally used to hearing. While less musically educated listeners simply enjoy Melita’s beautiful singing, musical gourmets sink into the core secrets of human existence through her melody, rhythm, harmony, colourful tones and subtle vocal interpretation.

—Z. M.